Personal Safety Device

Transforms your smartphone into a fully functional personal safety device with unbeatable reliability and unique critical safety features. Ideal for lone workers.

Do you ever work alone?

Are you aware you have a duty of care to your employees?

Do you ever feel vulnerable when you're out and about?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the above you need webeyeSOS - the personal protection solution that makes sure you don't put yourself or your staff in unprotected danger.

In addition to those who identify themselves as Lone Workers there are many more who work late in the office or travel to meetings on public transport for example. Many feel uncomfortable about their situation but until now most have done nothing to address their fears.

webeyeSOS lone worker protection is a cost effective, practical solution to improve people's safety and make them feel more confident.

webeyeSOS is a Lone Worker Safety service that can be used via a smartphone app for Android or iPhone. Depending what type of situation you find yourself in, the service has 3 ways to raise an alarm by either shaking the phone or discreetly pressing the phone's power button or pressing the on-screen button. The optional "Track me" function allows lone workers to log in and out of daily tasks, this means their location and duration can be tracked - making it an excellent management tool.

The functions and unique critical safety features of webeyeSOS enables lone workers to be both proactive and reactive about carrying out their duties safely. Carry on reading to find out why webeyeSOS is uniquely placed to offer the best lone worker protection by better equipping lone workers to evaluate their own potential risks and to ensure better safety and security for all.

In personal safety it's what our competitors fail to tell you that's most important!

We make sure you don't put yourself in unprotected danger.

Your Personal Safety Device may have all the features in the world, but if you can't be absolutely sure you're connected, it's useless - Remember no connection means no protection.

  • Reassures you of the service availability
  • Tells you if GPS is unavailable
  • The webeyeCMS platform independently detects loss of communication
Trigger an alert

3 Methods to trigger an alert

  1. Trigger alarm by discreetly pressing the power button
  2. Shake the phone
  3. Trigger alarm by pressing large red SOS help button

Rest assured there's no personal safety solution quite like it. Along with advanced functions it also has unique critical safety features. It is the only lone worker solution working through the award winning webeyeCMS cloud based automated alarm platform making it the most secure and reliable solution on the market. It's backed by industry leading technology and a team of technical staff giving 24/7 cover and a myriad of software cross checks and balances that exceed BS8484.

No protection solution goes further to provide the potentially life saving task of delivering a panic alarm.

Trigger alarm

by shaking device or pressing power button or on-screen button

Receive & process

webeyeCMS analyses and correlates alert


webeyeCMS sends to all enabled phones and browsers simultaneously and keeps trying until response


webeyeCMS keeps a record of time and date alert is answered

webeyesos track me

Optional management tracking and monitoring function

With webeyeSOS track me you won't be left guessing the whereabouts of the staff and lone workers. When the worker is required, they press the track me button on their smartphone. Upon activation their location and movement is tracked via the webeye browser or a webeyeCMS enabled smartphone.

  • Enables managers to track and verify workers movements
  • Registration with webeyeCMS platform
  • Activate and de-activate from on-screen button
  • Monitor in real time on webeyeCMS browser



track me

Try webeyesos for FREE


Click on the link to find out more about the offer and enable your no obligation FREE 30 day trial. If you are happy to proceed you'll convert to one of 3 packages.

Option 1:
webeyeSOS personal protection for £5.00 ex. VAT per month plus £7.50 ex. VAT connection charge

Option 2:
webeyeSOS+ with additional features for £6.00 ex. VAT per month plus £8.00 ex VAT connection charge

Option 3:
webeyeSOS+ 'Track Me' management tool for £7.50 ex. VAT per month plus £9.00 ex. VAT connection charge

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